20″ Gas Convection Conveyor Pizza Oven For Pizza Restaurant And Hotel

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20″ Gas Convection Conveyor Pizza Oven For Pizza Restaurant


3.Gas Pressure:2800PА~3500PA
4.Motor Power:0.35Kw
6.Voltage:220V/50 Hz
8.Pizza Entrance Height:80mm
9.Size of conveyor belt:1390*530mm
11.Chain Speed Adjustable:Yes
12.Time Setting:Yes
14.Food grade stainless steel chain


1.The appearance of the productis novel, and the exterior is of high-grade. The shell is made of A-grade oil frosted SS430 stainless steel, and the chain is made of food-grade SS304 stainless steel.
2.The conveyor pizza oven is equipped with the 0-400°C digital temperature control display, it shows the temperature accurately, to make sure the chamber can reach to the constant temperature.
3.The conveyor pizza oven uses the superior 304 stainless steel heating elements on the chamber’ s top and bottom, the heat in the chamber is uniform and the service life of the heating elements are long and stable
4.The temperatures of upper and bottom are shown separately by the independent temperature controllers.
5.The baking procedure and the effect can be controlled easily, then you can get the good tasted and nice color pizzas and food quickly and effectively.
6.The conveyor pizza oven is heating by the conveyor belt transmission, and the belt can be moved forward and backward according to your requirement, the food will leave the belt automatically after is baked.
7.The chain net is adopted with the customized precision gears and supported by three layers reinforced support bracket, the stress is evenly applied, so the situation of out of chain will be never happen.
8.The oven chamber uses the good heat insulation material aluminum silicate fiberglass insulation cotton, the heat insulation effect is excellent; and the oven comes with the cooling fan, which can extend the service life of the oven effectively.15″ Gas Convection Conveyor Pizza Oven For Pizza Restaurant



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