Luxurious electric bread oven commercial cake baking equipment,3 Decks 9 Trays,380V/50Hz,31kw,CE,classic style,mechanical control

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This bakery electric bread oven is used for baking all kinds of bread including sweet bread, square bread, French bread stick and Dutch bread; square-shaped cake, round-shaped cake, sponge cake, cheese cake and butter cake; Chinese-style dim sim, western-style biscuit, baking for dryness, roasted chicken, roasted duck, fish and meat.


  1. Imported temperature thermostat,temperature is accurate
  2. Imported electric heating element
  3. Even temperature
  4. Bigger baking room.
  5. Good quality stainless steel and heat insulation material
  6. Steamer and stone plate installation are available for option


1.Model No.:INFD-90F
2.Tray size:46*72 cm or 40*60cm
3.Voltage:380 V/50 HZ
5.Control Temperature:0-300°C
6.Exterior size:193*119*183 cm
7.Packing size:202x126x199cm
8.Inner size(cm): 143x88x20


1.High Capacity:

With nine trays and three layers, these ovens can bake large quantities of bread in a single batch. This high capacity increases efficiency and productivity, allowing bakeries to meet the demands of their customers effectively.

2.Consistent Baking Results:

The even heat distribution provided by electric heating elements ensures consistent baking results across all trays and layers. This is crucial for producing uniformly baked bread with consistent texture, flavor, and appearance.


Mechanical controls offer precise adjustment of baking parameters such as temperature, time, and steam injection. This level of customization allows bakers to fine-tune the baking process to achieve the desired results for different types of bread, ensuring optimal quality and flavor.

4.Durability and Reliability:

Our luxury electric bread oven are  built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making them durable and reliable for long-term use. The classic style further enhances durability, evoking a sense of timeless design and robust construction.

5.Energy Efficiency:

Modern electric bread oven are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing operational costs for bakeries in the long run. This is advantageous for businesses looking to optimize their energy consumption while maintaining high baking standards.

6.Aesthetic Appeal:

The classic style of luxury electric bread oven adds an aesthetic appeal to bakery environments. Whether in a traditional or modern setting, these ovens can enhance the ambiance of the space and contribute to a premium baking experience for customers.

7.Ease of Use:

Mechanical controls, though traditional, are often straightforward and intuitive to use. This simplicity can be advantageous for bakers who prefer a hands-on approach and precise control over the baking process without the complexity of digital interfaces.


With multiple layers and trays, luxury electric bread oven offer versatility in baking different types of bread simultaneously. This can increase productivity and efficiency in commercial baking operations, allowing for greater output without compromising on quality.


1.Large Bakeries:

These ovens are well-suited for large-scale bakeries that produce a wide range of bread products in high volumes. With their high capacity and efficient baking capabilities, they help meet the demands of large-scale production.

2.Artisan Bakeries:

Artisan bakeries specializing in handcrafted bread benefit from the consistent baking results and customization options offered by these ovens. They can produce a variety of artisan bread types, from rustic sourdough to specialty loaves, with precision and quality.

3.Wholesale Bread Production:

Facilities engaged in wholesale bread production rely on efficient equipment to meet bulk orders from retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. Luxury electric bread ovens with high capacity and reliable performance are essential for meeting these production demands.

5.Commercial Kitchens:

Restaurants, hotels, and catering companies that bake their bread in-house require reliable ovens capable of producing large quantities of bread to accompany meals or catered events. The versatility of these electric bread oven allows them to adapt to various kitchen environments and production needs.

6.Food Service Chains:

Bakery chains and franchises benefit from the consistent baking results and operational efficiency provided by luxury electric bread ovens. These ovens help maintain uniform quality across multiple locations while streamlining production processes.

7.Specialty Bakeries:

Specialty bakeries focusing on specific types of bread, such as bagels, pretzels, or brioche, can utilize these ovens to meet their specialized production requirements. The customizable baking parameters allow for precise control over the baking process, ensuring optimal results for each bread type.

8.Educational Institutions:

Culinary schools and baking academies often use commercial-grade equipment for teaching and training purposes. Luxury electric bread oven with mechanical control provide students with hands-on experience in bread production while ensuring consistent results and quality.

9.Hotels and Resorts:

Hotels and resorts with on-site bakeries or catering facilities utilize these ovens to bake fresh bread for in-house dining, buffets, and banquet events. The high capacity and reliability of these electric bread oven are essential for meeting the bread demands of large-scale hospitality operations.

10.Retail Bakeries:

Retail bakeries offering freshly baked bread to customers benefit from the efficient production capabilities of luxury electric bread oven. These ovens help maintain a steady supply of bread throughout the day, attracting customers with the aroma and quality of freshly baked goods.

Operation instructions:

1、Open the air switch on the wall.
2、Turn on power supply switches of all layers, set the heater to humidity needed and the heater begins to heat.
3、When the temperature in the bread oven reaches the set value, open the door, push discs into the oven, set the baking time and then press the setup button; turn on the head lamp so as to observe the baking through the glass on the door.
4、When time is out, alarm will be released automatically. Open the door and take out the baked food.
★When temperature is not enough or the set humidity has not been reached, do not put food inside to avoid burnt surface fire and insufficient bottom fire.


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