Stainless Steel Electric Sushi Cooler

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Stainless Steel Electric Sushi Cooler


●Temperature range(℃):0-12
●Rated Input Power(W):180/190
●Class mate:4
●Overall Dimension(mm):1352x420x265
●Package Dimension(mm):1443x510x360

Standard Features:

●Brilliant Internal LED illumination on top
●Digital temperature controller and display
●Front Curved glass
●Sliding doors
●Direct cooling system
●Automatic defrost
●Top evaporator with basin to collect condensation
●GN pan can be ordered.

General Warnings:

1.The list of general rules given below is for skilled technical personnel with a good working knowledge of electrical and refrigerating installations.

2.The appliance must be connected to the mains through an omnipolar switch with a contact separation of at least 3 mm (required for appliances supplied without a plug. to be connected to a permanent installation).

3.Check that the votage and the frequency of the mains supply corresponds to the data on the rating plate.

4.Disconnect the appliance from the mains power supply before carying out any maintenance operation whatsoever.

5.Do not touch electical parts with wet hands.

6.Avoid obstructing the area above,in front of and behind the condenser unit in order to help dispersion of heat from the condenser as much as possible.sushi cooler

7.Always keep the front of the condenser clean by using a soft brush and avoiding the use of rigid or metal utensils which could damage the condenser fins.

8.Check that the surface on which the appliance is to be placed is flat and level

9.Avoid introducing liquid or solid substances at temperatures above room temperature and in any case do not introduce materials before the appliance has reached operating temperature.

10.Do not allow oil or fat to come into contact with the plastic components or door seal.Clean immediately if contact occurs.

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