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Bakery Equipment China | Bakery Oven Manufacturer | Cake Oven Factory

1.Introducing the ultimate baking duo: the 5 Trays Convection Oven and 8 Trays Proofer Combination. Perfectly designed to streamline your baking process, this dynamic duo offers unmatched versatility and efficiency for commercial kitchens and bakeries of all sizes.

2.First up is the 5 Trays Convection Oven, a compact yet powerful oven designed to deliver exceptional baking results. With five spacious trays, it provides ample room to bake a variety of goods, from crispy pastries to perfectly risen bread loaves. Its advanced convection technology ensures even heat distribution, resulting in consistent bakes every time. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or reheating, this oven is up to the task, offering precise control and reliable performance.

3.Paired with the convection oven is the 8 Trays Proofer, an essential companion for any baker looking to achieve optimal proofing conditions. With eight trays and adjustable humidity and temperature controls, it creates the perfect environment for dough to rise and develop flavor. Say goodbye to inconsistent proofing and hello to perfectly proofed dough, ready to be baked to perfection in the convection oven.

4.Together, these two appliances form a seamless baking solution that maximizes efficiency and productivity. With the ability to proof dough while simultaneously baking other goods, you can cut down on preparation time and streamline your workflow. Whether you’re running a bustling bakery or a busy restaurant kitchen, this combination is sure to enhance your operations and delight your customers.Bakery Equipment China | Bakery Oven Manufacturer | Cake Oven Factory


1.Luxurious outlook.
2.The electric power type using high quality motor, which is better to save energy than common type.
3.The two models both have microcomputer control pannel, many functions can be adjusted.
4.Automatic temperature control system, which make the baking environment under the best, 4.Inner with rotately heating fan, making the temperature uniform.
5.Double control systems of surface and bottom, can suppling the best baking enviroment.
6.Perfect fermenting effect, the best choice of school, bakery shop, cake shop.
7.Hot air convection, evenly temperature and humidity inside, good fermenting.
8.Humanization door, glass visual window.
9.Stainles steel shelf, clean and durable, never rust.
10.Big capacity, multi-layer design, beautiful handle comfortable for your using every time.
11.Classic knob control key, it is convenient for operation.Bakery Equipment China | Bakery Oven Manufacturer | Cake Oven Factory


5 Trays Electric Convection Oven + 8 Trays Proofer Combination

3.Power: 9.5kW
4.Capaity:5 trays(oven)+8 Trays(Proofer)

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