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This bakery electric oven is used for baking all kinds of bread including sweet bread, square bread, French bread stick and Dutch bread; square-shaped cake, round-shaped cake, sponge cake, cheese cake and butter cake; Chinese-style dim sim, western-style biscuit, baking for dryness, roasted chicken, roasted duck, fish and meat.


  1. Imported temperature thermostat,temperature is accurate
  2. Imported electric heating element
  3. Even temperature
  4. Bigger baking room.
  5. Good quality stainless steel and heat insulation material
  6. Steamer and stone plate installation are available for option.


1.Model No.:ANFD-40F
2.Tray size:46*72 cm or 40*60cm
3.Voltage:380 V/50 HZ
5.Control Temperature:0-300°C
6.N.W/G.W (KG):425/465
7.Machine size (cm):146x119x167
8.Packing size(cm):161x126x170
9.Interior size(cm):97x88x20


1.Space Efficiency:

With two decks and four trays, this electric oven provides sufficient baking capacity while taking up minimal space in the kitchen. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized bakeries, cafes, and restaurants with limited floor space.

2.Uniform Baking:

The multiple decks ensure even distribution of heat, resulting in consistent baking across all trays. This uniformity is crucial for achieving consistent quality in baked goods such as cakes, pastries, bread, and cookies.

3.Ease of Use:

Mechanical controls are straightforward and user-friendly, allowing bakers to easily adjust temperature, time, and other settings according to their recipes and preferences. This simplicity is advantageous, especially for those who prefer traditional control mechanisms.

4.Precise Temperature Control:

Mechanical controls offer precise temperature adjustment, allowing bakers to maintain the desired baking temperature accurately. This precision is essential for achieving optimal results with different types of baked goods.

5.Energy Efficiency:

Electric oven are generally more energy-efficient compared to gas ovens, as they do not require combustion and do not produce exhaust gases. This can result in lower energy costs and a smaller environmental footprint over time.

6.Consistent Performance:

Our luxury electric oven are  built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and consistent performance over the long term. This reliability is essential for commercial bakeries and food establishments that rely on their ovens for daily operations.

7.Classic Style:

The classic design adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen or bakery setting. It can enhance the overall ambiance and appeal to customers who appreciate traditional aesthetics.


Besides cakes, this electric oven can also be used to bake a variety of other items such as pastries, bread, cookies, and more, offering versatility in a commercial kitchen setting.


1.Small to Medium Bakeries:

This electric oven is well-suited for small to medium-sized bakeries that produce a moderate volume of baked goods. It can efficiently bake a variety of items such as cakes, cookies, bread, pastries, and muffins, catering to the bakery’s daily demand.

2.Cafes and Coffee Shops:

Cafes and coffee shops can use this oven to offer freshly baked pastries, muffins, croissants, and cookies to complement their beverage offerings. The compact size and efficient performance make it an ideal choice for such establishments with limited kitchen space.


Restaurants that offer desserts on their menu can utilize this oven to bake cakes, tarts, and other sweet treats in-house. It allows chefs to control the quality and freshness of their desserts while adding a unique touch to the dining experience.

4.Pastry Shops:

Pastry shops specializing in artisanal cakes, pastries, and specialty desserts can benefit from the precision control offered by the mechanical controls of this electric oven. It enables pastry chefs to execute intricate recipes and achieve consistent results with every batch.

5.Boutique Bakeries:

Boutique bakeries focusing on custom-designed cakes and specialty baked goods can use this oven for small-batch production. It allows them to maintain high-quality standards while offering personalized services to their customers.

6.Catering Businesses:

Caterers can incorporate this electric oven into their operations to prepare baked goods for events such as weddings, corporate functions, and parties. Its compact size and efficient baking capabilities make it suitable for catering to both small and large gatherings.

7.Training and Educational Institutions:

Culinary schools and training institutes can utilize this oven for teaching baking techniques to students. Its classic style and mechanical controls provide a traditional yet reliable platform for hands-on learning and skill development.

8.Food Trucks and Mobile Catering:

Food trucks and mobile catering businesses can install this electric oven to offer freshly baked goods on the go. Its compact size and electric operation make it suitable for mobile applications, allowing vendors to expand their menu offerings.

Operation instructions:

1、Open the air switch on the wall.
2、Turn on power supply switches of all layers, set the heater to humidity needed and the heater begins to heat.
3、When the temperature in the electric oven reaches the set value, open the door, push discs into the oven, set the baking time and then press the setup button; turn on the head lamp so as to observe the baking through the glass on the door.
4、When time is out, alarm will be released automatically. Open the door and take out the baked food.
★When temperature is not enough or the set humidity has not been reached, do not put food inside to avoid burnt surface fire and insufficient bottom fire.


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