800-1000 Commercial Cigar Showcase

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800-1000 Commercial Cigar Showcase



1. Wide range of controlling temperature between 5-22°C.
2. Humidity control to keep your cigar fresh.
3. Soundless, energy saving, stable performance.
4. Solid and durable beech shelf keep natural smell of cigar.
5. Easy operating control unit, LCD display screen.
6. Inner Blue LED light, pracital and elegant.

7.Durable Mute guide rail, real beech shelf
8.Keep constent humidity.
9.Famous brand compressor with reliable quality
10.Digital controller,precise temperature control
11.Double toughened glass door, good insulation and moisturizing effect
12.The door has a lock to protect the cigar
13.The shelf is mobile, easy to access and clean
14.The appearance of the cigar cabinet is very good-looking, whether in hotels or private clubs and other high-end places are very suitable

800-1000 Commercial Cigar Showcase



1.Model No.:BX-208B
4.Storage capacity: 800-1000
5.Temperature Range:+5~+22°C
6.Work Temp.:0~+38°C
9.Isolation Material:Cyclopentane
10.Cooling System:Static
11.Door:Tea color tempered glass
12.Control unit:i-touch control system
13.Lock :Yes
14.Out jacket material:Painted steel sheet
15.Noise control:Soundless
16.Type of Controller: digital
17.Shelf:beech shelves
20.Certificate: CB,CE,ROHS
800-1000 Commercial Cigar Showcasecase

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