Commercial baking oven electric cheap bread bakery equipment sale China

Economic 2 layers 4 trays Electric Oven

5.Capaity:4 trays

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Commercial baking oven electric cheap bread bakery equipment sale China

1.Economic 1 Layers 2 Trays Electric Oven, the perfect solution for businesses seeking reliable baking performance without compromising on affordability. Designed with efficiency and versatility in mind, this oven is an ideal choice for small bakeries, cafes, and foodservice establishments looking to enhance their baking capabilities without breaking the bank.

2.Featuring two layers and four spacious trays, this oven offers ample capacity to meet the demands of small-scale production. Whether you’re baking bread, pastries, cookies, or savory dishes, this oven provides the versatility to handle a variety of baked goods with ease. With multiple trays and layers, you can maximize productivity by baking multiple items simultaneously, helping you meet customer demand efficiently.

3.Powered by electric heating elements, this oven offers consistent and even heat distribution, ensuring uniform baking results across all trays. The precise temperature control allows you to adjust settings to suit different recipes and baking requirements, giving you the flexibility to achieve perfect results every time. Whether you’re baking delicate pastries that require gentle heat or hearty bread that needs a robust bake, this oven delivers reliable performance for all your baking needs.Commercial baking oven electric cheap bread bakery equipment sale China


1.Heating by infrared rays, evenly heat, auto alarming and timer, double control of bottom and to fire, auto temperature controlling function.
2.Separated working is available, easy facing all kinds of baking demand.
3.Good stainless steel plate, strong and durable, fashion and elegant.
4.Universal wheel stand, easy to move.
5.You can look the baking by the visual glass window.
6.Large capacity baking area, youcan bake many kinds of bread at same time.
7.Over-temperature protection.
8.Full use of power by high energy-saving technology, rising environmental protection.
9.Suitable for restaurant, hotel, bakery shop etc.Commercial baking oven electric cheap bread bakery equipment sale China


Economic 1 layers 2 trays Electric Oven

5.Capaity:2 trays
9.Packing:Wooden case
10.Deliver time:7~15 days
11.Payment:T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union etc.
12.Special voltage:Can custom-made
13.MOQ:1 pcs
14.Warranty:1 year

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