Bakery Electric Dough Sheeter Machine(width 620mm)

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Electric Dough Sheeter Machine


1.Model No.:NFQ-620
5.The width of the pressing: 620mm.
6.Processing thickness:1-38mm


1.Quality material, imported spare parts, cylinders are chromium plated, non-sticky and not easy to be scratched.
2.Oil immersed design, the pressing wheel is specially treated, not sticking to dough,
and not easily being cratched. Unique oil-immersed diving system, durable and low noise.
3.Minimum thickness is as thin as 1 mm, food controlling switch is optional.
4.Folding structure, saving space, easy to move.Dough Sheeter Machine
5.Suitable for all kinds of crispy products. Such as crisp skin serie, crisp cake series,and pressing paste.


Q1: Width of the conveyor belt?
A1: The width of the conveyor belt is 620mm.

Q2: Thickness range of the pressed dough?
A2: 1 mm to 35mm.

Q3: Why do you apply plastic gear to the sheeter?
A3: We apply the plastic gear to lower the noise when the sheeter is working.

Q4: Is plastic gear durable?
A4: The plastic gear is durable enough. It is tested by our market for many years.

Q5: How much dough can be sheeted per time?
A5: We never test it before. But we can calculate it. The maximum pressing is about 5kg, and it takes about 5 minutes for each pressing, so it will be about 60kg per hour.

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