Luxurious cake baking gas oven industrial bread bakery equipment for sale,3 decks 9 trays,300W,classic style,mechanical control

  • Model No.:ANFR-90H
  • Tray size:46*72 cm or 40*60cm
  • Three decks,nine trays
  • Voltage:220 V/50 HZ
  • Power:0.3 KW
  • Control Temperature:0-300°C
  • Exterior size:193*119*183 cm
  • Packing size:203*129*198 cm
  • Inner size(cm): 149×83.5×23
  • N.W/G.W:785/845kg
  • CBM:5.19
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This luxurious cake baking gas oven is suitable for baking variety of products such as bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and more,widely used in bakeries,pizzerias,restaurant,hotel,resort,food trucks,coffee shop,and other catering businesses.


  1. Imported temperature thermostat,temperature is accurate
  2. Imported ignition needle
  3. Imported Burner and fan
  4. Bigger baking room.
  5. Good quality stainless steel and heat insulation material
  6. Steamer and stone plate installation are available for option


1.Model No.:ANFR-90H
2.Tray size:46*72 cm or 40*60cm
3.Three decks,nine trays
4.Voltage:220 V/50 HZ
5.Power:0.3 KW
6.Control Temperature:0-300°C
7.Exterior size:193*119*183 cm
8.Packing size:203*129*198 cm
9.Inner size(cm): 149×83.5×23



With three decks and nine trays, this cake baking gas oven provides ample space for baking multiple cakes simultaneously, making it ideal for commercial bakeries or large-scale baking operations.

2.Uniform Baking:

The multiple decks ensure even distribution of heat, resulting in consistent baking across all trays. This is crucial for achieving uniformity in the quality of baked goods.


Gas ovens typically heat up faster than electric ones, which can save time and energy during the baking process, especially in high-demand environments.

4.Classic Style:

The classic design adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen or bakery setting. It can enhance the overall ambiance and appeal to customers who appreciate traditional aesthetics.

5.Mechanical Control:

Mechanical controls are often preferred by professional bakers for their reliability and simplicity. They offer precise control over temperature and baking settings, allowing for consistent results with every use.


Our luxury cake baking gas oven are constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity even under heavy use.


Besides cakes, this cake baking gas oven can also be used to bake a variety of other items such as bread, pastries, cookies, and more, offering versatility in a commercial kitchen setting.


1.Commercial Bakeries:

In large-scale bakeries, this oven can be used to bake multiple batches of cakes simultaneously, increasing productivity and meeting high demand during peak hours. The uniform baking provided by the multiple decks ensures consistent quality across all products.

2.Pastry Shops:

Pastry shops can utilize this cake baking gas oven to bake a variety of cakes, pastries, tarts, and other desserts. Its versatility allows pastry chefs to experiment with different recipes and bake multiple items at once, catering to diverse customer preferences.

3.Hotels and Restaurants:

Hotels and upscale restaurants often offer a wide range of desserts, including cakes, to their guests. This oven can help them efficiently produce large quantities of high-quality cakes for buffets, banquets, special events, and individual orders.

4.Catering Businesses:

Caterers can use this cake baking gas oven to prepare desserts for weddings, corporate events, parties, and other gatherings. Its large capacity and efficient baking capabilities make it suitable for catering to a large number of guests within a limited timeframe.

5.Specialty Bakeries:

Specialty bakeries focusing on artisanal or custom-designed cakes can benefit from the precision control offered by the mechanical controls of this oven. It allows bakers to adjust baking parameters to achieve specific textures, flavors, and appearances desired by their customers.

6.Wholesale Production:

Bakeries that supply cakes to supermarkets, coffee shops, and other retail outlets can use this cake baking gas oven for mass production. Its high capacity enables efficient baking of large volumes of cakes to meet wholesale orders and distribution requirements.

7.Training and Educational Institutions:

Culinary schools and training institutes can use this oven for teaching baking techniques to aspiring pastry chefs and bakers. Its classic style and mechanical controls provide a traditional yet reliable platform for hands-on learning and skill development.


Q:What is the material of the oven?
A:Stainless steel.

Q:Abnormal volts are optional?
A:It can be customized at: 1 phase 220V/60HZ, 3phase 220V/60HZ

Q:By comparison, heating elements and heaters, which is better?
A:For now, we apply heaters instead of heating elements, the reason is that heaters are convenient and simple for maintenance.
If one part of heating elements is broken, you need to replace all of them. But for heater, you just replace the broken one.

Q:Comparing with your common and standard deck oven, what is the advantage of this kind of gas ovens?
A:First, Luxurious & elegent appearance.
Second, double thickness of material.

Third,24 pcs heater each deck features quick heating up and even baking.

Q:What is the material of your insulation?
A:Rock wool cotton.


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