Hot air circulation bakery roll-in rotary oven for baking bread and cake,diesel,32 trays,1 trolley,380V/50Hz,3.8kw

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32 Trays Roll-in Bread Rotary Oven is suitable for baking a wide range of products, including bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and more,catering to the needs of various commercial baking and food production operations requiring high-volume baking capabilities.


  1. Apply to bake all kinds of bread, cake, cookie, biscuit and pasties
  2.  Electronic temperature control
  3. Door interlock switch automatically turns the fan and burners off as soon as the oven door is open
  4.  Even Baking.
  5. Minimum baking time.
  6. Double-pane thermal glass door windows
  7. “Cool Touch” handles
  8. Automatic heat & time setting.
  9. Heavy-duty industrial grade insulation in top, sides, back & doors
  10. Two speed in hot air circulation
  11. 5 sections adjustable air outlet ensure sufficient convection and even temperature.
  12. 360°circling hot air to keep equal and optimal fire


1.Model No.:ANFX-32C
2.Capacity:1 trolley,32 trays
3.Power supply: Diesel
4.Tray size:40×60 cm or 46×72 cm
5.Voltage:380V/50 HZ,3 phase
7.Control Temperature:50-300°C
8.Exterior size:262x168x274 cm
9.Packing size:285x185x255 cm
10.N.W/G.W:1800/2000 kg


1.High Capacity:

With the ability to accommodate 32 trays simultaneously, this oven is ideal for high-volume production. It allows bakeries and food production facilities to bake large batches of products efficiently, increasing productivity and throughput.

2.Fast Heating:

Diesel rotary ovens typically heat up quickly, allowing for rapid preheating and shorter baking cycles. This results in improved efficiency and reduced overall baking time, enabling businesses to fulfill orders more quickly.

3.Uniform Baking:

Diesel rotary ovens are designed to provide even heat distribution throughout the baking chamber, ensuring consistent baking results across all trays. This uniformity is essential for maintaining product quality and consistency, regardless of the position of the trays within the oven.

4.Energy Efficiency:

Diesel fuel is often more cost-effective than electricity or gas, making diesel rotary ovens a more economical choice for commercial baking operations in regions where diesel fuel is readily available and affordable. Additionally, diesel ovens typically have lower operating costs compared to electric ovens, resulting in potential long-term savings.


The large capacity and consistent baking performance of a 32-tray diesel rotary oven make it suitable for baking a wide range of products, including bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and more. This versatility allows bakeries and food production facilities to produce various types of baked goods efficiently in a single oven.

6.Space Efficiency:

Despite its large capacity, a roll-in diesel rotary oven occupies relatively less floor space compared to multiple individual ovens of similar capacity. This space-saving design is advantageous for bakeries and food production facilities with limited space or those looking to maximize their production area.

7.Ease of Operation:

Diesel rotary ovens are typically equipped with user-friendly controls that allow operators to easily set and monitor baking parameters such as temperature, time, and rotation speed. This intuitive interface simplifies oven operation and ensures consistent baking results with minimal effort.

8.Continuous Production:

The roll-in feature of diesel rotary ovens allows for continuous loading and unloading of trays, enabling uninterrupted production. This is particularly beneficial for bakeries and food production facilities with high demand or tight production schedules, as it minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.


1.Large-scale Bakeries:

Industrial bakeries that produce a high volume of baked goods such as bread, rolls, pastries, and cookies can benefit from the high capacity of a 32-tray oven. The efficient heating and uniform baking of this type of oven allow for continuous production to meet demand.

2.Wholesale Baking Operations:

Bakeries that supply baked goods to supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, and other food service establishments on a wholesale basis can utilize a 32-tray diesel rotary oven. This oven enables them to bake large batches of products efficiently to fulfill wholesale orders.

3.Commercial Food Manufacturing:

Food manufacturing facilities producing baked goods in large quantities, such as frozen dough products, pre-packaged baked goods, or baked snacks, can use a 32-tray diesel rotary oven for mass production. The oven’s high capacity and efficient baking capabilities ensure consistent output for commercial distribution.

4.Centralized Production Facilities:

Central production kitchens that supply baked goods to multiple retail outlets, franchise locations, or catering operations can benefit from a 32-tray diesel rotary oven. This oven allows for centralized baking of various products, ensuring consistency in quality and flavor across all locations.

5.Hotel and Catering Services:

Hotels, banquet halls, catering services, and event venues that require large quantities of baked goods for events, buffets, and catering orders can utilize a 32-tray diesel rotary oven. This oven enables efficient production to meet the demand for baked goods while maintaining quality and freshness.

6.Frozen Food Manufacturing:

Manufacturers of frozen baked goods, such as bread, pastries, pizzas, and desserts, can use a 32-tray diesel rotary oven for par-baking or fully baking products before freezing. The oven’s large capacity allows for efficient processing of multiple trays of frozen products in a single batch.

7.Research and Development:

Bakeries and food manufacturers involved in product development and testing can use a 32-tray diesel rotary oven for large-scale trials and experimentation. This oven’s capacity and versatility allow for testing different recipes, formulations, and baking techniques on a commercial scale.

8.Educational Institutions:

Culinary schools, vocational training centers, and baking academies with large-scale training facilities can utilize a 32-tray diesel rotary oven for educational purposes. This oven provides students with hands-on experience using commercial-grade baking equipment and allows for training in high-volume production techniques.


Q1: Energy consumption electricity/diesel/gas per hour?
A1: Electricity 54kw.
Diesel, it is 4.6L/h, at the oil pressure 0.8mpa.
LPG, it is about 3.2kg/h

Q2: Can special volts be customized? Such as 415V/3PH
A2: Yes, we can make it, we can make like 220V/3PH.

Q3: Can the oven be equipped with hock?
A3: Yes, the oven can be equipped with 4 rings on the top of the oven. The rings are durable enough to bear the weight of the machine.

Q4: Do you do test baking on your rotary ovens?
A4: Of course, we do. Some of our customers want to do the test baking, it is no problem. When the rotary oven is finished, we will invite them to our factory and do the bread baking to test the baking effect. And all our ovens will be tested before delivery.

Q5: How long is the maintenance period?
A5: One year warranty.


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