12 Bottles Electronic Cooler Wine Cabinet

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12 Bottles Electronic Cooler Wine Cabinet



1.Intelligent control panel,LED display and Touch Screen control,easy to operate
2.Semiconductor refrigeration mode, no pollution, quiet, mild refrigeration, avoid strong temperature difference, give red wine comfortable storage temperature
3.LED light inside,small size, low power consumption, long service life
4.Microcomputer control circulation air cooling system, uniform internal temperature, good for wine storag
5.Stainless steel shelf,all-in-one welding, durable, wavy design, can hold the wine smoothly
6.Wide-open-angle door for easy access to the wine
7.Double layer toughened glass door, not easy to break, good insulation effect
8.Adjustable foot height for uneven ground
9.No compressor,low noise.

10.Fine corners, fine workmanship
11.Compact design,good looking, suitable for home or commercial use 12 Bottles Electronic Cooler Wine Cabinet




1.Model No.:XJ-33F
4.Storage capacity: 12 bottles(750ml)
5.Temperature Range:+8~+18°C
6.Work Temp.:0~+38°C
8.Isolation Material:Cyclopentane
9.Cooling System:semiconductor
10.Door:Tea color tempered glass
11.Compressor :No
12.Out jacket material:Painted steel sheet
13.Noise control:Soundless
14.Type of Controller: digital
17.Carton Size:300*550*650mm

12 Bottles Electronic Cooler Wine Cabinet

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