32 Trays Roll-in Bakery Industrial Oven(Gas)

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32 Trays Roll-in Bakery Industrial Oven

  1. Apply to bake all kinds of bread, cake, cookie, biscuit and pasties
  2.  Electronic temperature control
  3. Door interlock switch automatically turns the fan and burners off as soon as the oven door is open
  4.  Even Baking.
  5. Minimum baking time.
  6. Double-pane thermal glass door windows
  7. “Cool Touch” handles
  8. Automatic heat & time setting.
  9. Heavy-duty industrial grade insulation in top, sides, back & doors
  10. Two speed in hot air circulation
  11. 5 sections adjustable air outlet ensure sufficient convection and even temperature.
  12. 360°circling hot air to keep equal and optimal fire

1.Model No.:NFX-32G
2.Capacity:1 trolley,32 trays
3.Power supply: gas
4.Tray size:40×60 cm or 46×72 cm
5.Voltage:380V/50 HZ,3 phase
7.Control Temperature:50-300°C
8.Exterior size:262x168x274 cm
9.Packing size:285x185x255 cm
10.N.W/G.W:1800/2000 kg


Q1: Energy consumption electricity/diesel/gas per hour?
A1: Electricity 54kw.
Diesel, it is 4.6L/h, at the oil pressure 0.8mpa.
LPG, it is about 3.2kg/h

Q2: Can special volts be customized? Such as 415V/3PH
A2: Yes, we can make it, we can make like 220V/3PH.

Q3: Can the oven be equipped with hock?
A3: Yes, the oven can be equipped with 4 rings on the top of the oven. The rings are durable enough to bear the weight of the machine.

Q4: Do you do test baking on your rotary ovens?
A4: Of course, we do. Some of our customers want to do the test baking, it is no problem. When the industrial oven is finished, we will invite them to our factory and do the bread baking to test the baking effect. And all our ovens will be tested before delivery.

Q5: How long is the maintenance period?
A5: One year warranty.


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