Luxurious bakery bread baking gas oven commercial cake equipments,2 decks 4 trays,220V/50Hz,200W,classic mechanical control

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This luxurious bakery gas oven is suitable for baking variety of products such as bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and more,widely used in bakeries,pizzerias,restaurant,hotel,resort,food trucks,coffee shop,and other catering businesses.


  1. Imported temperature thermostat,temperature is accurate
  2. Imported ignition needle
  3. Imported Burner and fan
  4. Bigger baking room.
  5. Good quality stainless steel and heat insulation material
  6. Steamer and stone plate installation are available for option


1.Model No.:ANFR-40H
2.Tray size:46*72 cm or 40*60cm
3.Voltage:220 V/50 HZ
5.Control Temperature:0-300°C
6.Exterior size:140*99*145 cm
7.Packing size:150*109*160 cm
8.Inner size(cm): 103×83.5×23



These ovens offer ample cooking space with two decks and four trays, allowing for large quantities of food to be prepared simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for high-volume cooking or baking operations, increasing efficiency and throughput.


The multiple decks and trays enable chefs to cook different dishes or batches of the same item at varying temperatures simultaneously. This versatility maximizes productivity and flexibility in the kitchen, accommodating diverse menus and cooking requirements.

3.Precision Cooking:

Our luxury gas oven have a advanced temperature control systems, ensuring precise and consistent cooking results. This is crucial for achieving perfect baking outcomes, such as evenly risen bread or uniformly browned pastries.

4.Even Heat Distribution:

High-quality gas ovens are designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking chamber, minimizing hot spots and ensuring uniform cooking across all trays. This results in perfectly cooked food with consistent quality every time.

5.Energy Efficiency:

Gas ovens are known for their energy efficiency compared to electric models. They heat up quickly and maintain stable temperatures with minimal energy consumption, reducing operational costs in the long run.


Our luxury gas ovens are built to withstand the rigors of professional kitchen environments. They are constructed with durable materials and robust craftsmanship, ensuring long-term reliability and performance even under heavy use.

7.Aesthetic Appeal:

Our luxury gas oven boast sleek designs and stylish finishes that complement the overall aesthetics of a high-end kitchen. They can enhance the visual appeal of the cooking space, creating a professional and inviting atmosphere.



In bakeries, these oven are used to bake a wide variety of products such as bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and more. The multiple decks and trays allow for efficient baking of different types of items simultaneously, increasing productivity and throughput.


These ovens are ideal for baking pizzas to perfection. The multiple decks enable pizzerias to bake multiple pizzas at once, ensuring quick turnaround times during peak hours while maintaining consistent quality.


Luxury gas ovens are commonly used in restaurants for a variety of cooking tasks, including roasting meats, baking casseroles, gratins, and other oven-baked dishes. The precise temperature control and even heat distribution ensure that dishes are cooked evenly and to the desired level of doneness.

4.Catering Businesses:

Caterers often rely on these ovens to prepare large quantities of food for events and gatherings. The capacity and versatility of these ovens allow caterers to efficiently cook different dishes to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of their clients.

5.Hotels and Resorts:

In hotel and resort kitchens, these ovens are used for cooking and baking a wide range of menu items for guests, including breakfast pastries, bread rolls, roasted meats, and more. The efficiency and reliability of these ovens are essential for meeting the demands of a high-volume food service operation.

6.Commercial Kitchens:

These ovens are essential equipment in commercial kitchens across various industries, including schools, hospitals, cafeterias, and corporate dining facilities. They are used for preparing large quantities of food efficiently while maintaining consistent quality and flavor.

7.Specialty Food Production:

In specialty food production facilities, such as artisan bakeries or gourmet food manufacturers, these ovens are used to create unique and high-quality products that require precise baking conditions.

8.Food Trucks and Mobile Catering:

Some food trucks and mobile catering businesses utilize luxury gas oven to offer freshly baked goods or hot meals on the go. The compact size and efficiency of these ovens make them suitable for mobile food service operations.


Q:What is the material of the oven?
A:Stainless steel.

Q:Abnormal volts are optional?
A:It can be customized at: 1 phase 220V/60HZ, 3phase 220V/60HZ

Q:By comparison, heating elements and heaters, which is better?
A:For now, we apply heaters instead of heating elements, the reason is that heaters are convenient and simple for maintenance.
If one part of heating elements is broken, you need to replace all of them. But for heater, you just replace the broken one.

Q:Comparing with your common and standard deck oven, what is the advantage of this kind of oven?
A:First, Luxurious & elegent appearance.
Second, double thickness of material.

Third,24 pcs heater each deck features quick heating up and even baking.

Q:What is the material of your insulation?
A:Rock wool cotton.


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