Bakery French Baguette Moulder/French Bread Machine

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Bakery French Baguette Moulder/French Bread Machine


1.This bread machine Suitable for making french bread,paste,toast etc.

2.Compact structure,save space.

3:High quality conveyor belt,features longer using life and smoothy running.


1.Model No.:NFZ-750
3.Dough Range::50~1250g
5.Power:1.0 kw


1.Location: Find a plat place having enough space around according to the requirement of the operating procedure of the production line.
2.Machine fix: After being pushed and located, fix the feet- wheels steadily.
3.Electricity connection: Connect the electricity by the professional electric technician according with the specification and volume sighs on plate.
4.Machine test: Turn on the general switch (on the rear and right of the machine), press button “ON” on the just from of the machine to start the machine.
5.Adjustment: Check the shape conveying belt under the just front canvas if the belt is running upward along the side arrow direction. Otherwise, exchange any two-phase wires and try again.


1.The machine must be cleaned before you start the machine. Open the feed mouth, check the dough press roller and the scraper to be sure of no remained dry residues or any other hard grains. No other things should be found between the front and the back feed-boards. Finish checking and cleaning,set the feed-mouth, the connect the power. Let the machine start and blank run for a while.

2.The left hand wheel of the machine is to adjust the thickness of dough press. Wheel clockwise, clearance turns small; wheel anti-clockwise clearance turns big. The range is 1-19mm. You can set the thickness of dough strips by the counter of hand wheel. The hand wheel rotates a circle, the distance changes about 10mm. Set it by the counter.French Bread Machine

3.Every shift should clean the machine after work in order not to remain any wet dough on the surface of rollers,scraper and conveying belts.

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