Commercial Bakers Oven Electric Baking Equipment Artisanal Bread Oven,4 Layers,4 Trays,380V/50Hz,2.8Kwx4,Digital Control,CE

Rated voltage:3N-380V/50Hz-60Hz
Rated power:4*2.8kW
Oven size:400×600mm
emperature control range: room temperature-300℃
Quantity of baking plates: 4 layers and 4 plates
Overall dimension:785×950×1520mm
Package size:805×970×1570mm

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This electric bakers oven are widely used in various catering establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, buffets, coffee shops, etc.
1. Bake bread and cakes
Commercial ovens are essential equipment for bakeries and cake shops. Bread and cakes baked in commercial ovens are not only golden and crispy on the outside, but also soft on the inside.
2. Grilled pizza and sandwiches
Commercial ovens can also bake food to make fast food such as pizza and sandwiches. Circular heating is even, and the baked pizza base is crispy, refreshing and fragrant.
3. Barbecue and seafood
Equipped with a temperature control device, it can be adjusted according to the needs of different ingredients. It can grill meat or seafood to a crispy outer skin and fresh and tender meat inside, or it can keep the meat or seafood tender and tender.
In short, the future is a very practical catering equipment that can meet various baking and roasting needs, and can help the kitchen improve cooking efficiency and save manpower and time.

Product parameters

Rated voltage:3N-380V/50Hz-60Hz
Rated power:4*2.8kW
Oven size:400×600mm
emperature control range: room temperature-300℃
Quantity of baking plates: 4 layers and 4 plates
Overall dimension:785×950×1520mm
Package size:805×970×1570mm

Product characteristics

1. Electric Oven for Bakery is used for commercial baked pastry food
2. The use range of bracket and base plate double structure is increased
3. Semi-automatic furnace door can be opened flexibly and closed tightly
4. Mirror stainless steel, beautiful design
5. Computer panel, simple and intuitive operation
6. Volcanic stone floor, evenly heated


1.High Capacity:

The oven’s multiple decks and trays provide a large baking capacity, allowing for the simultaneous baking of multiple batches of goods. This increased capacity enables higher production output and efficiency during peak hours.


With multiple decks and trays, the oven can accommodate a diverse range of baked goods, including bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, and more. This versatility allows bakeries to offer a wide variety of products to meet customer demands.

3.Precise Temperature Control:

Digital control allows for precise temperature regulation, ensuring consistent baking results for various recipes. This feature is essential for achieving optimal texture, color, and flavor in baked goods.

4.Even Baking:

Each deck of This electric bakers oven is designed to provide even heat distribution, resulting in uniform baking across all trays. This ensures that all baked goods are evenly cooked and have consistent quality throughout.

5.Energy Efficiency:

Electric ovens are known for their energy efficiency, as they heat up quickly and maintain consistent temperatures with minimal heat loss. This helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs for bakeries.

6.Ease of Use:

Digital controls make it easy for bakery staff to set and monitor baking temperatures and times, providing a user-friendly baking experience. This simplifies operation and reduces the risk of errors during the baking process.

7.Quick Heating:

This electric bakers oven heat up quickly, allowing for faster preheating and reduced waiting time before baking. This increases efficiency in the bakery and enables faster turnaround times for baked goods.

8.Space Optimization:

Despite its large baking capacity, the oven’s compact design allows it to fit into tight spaces in the bakery. This helps optimize floor space and allows bakeries to maximize their production area.

9.Customization and Experimentation:

Bakers can leverage the oven’s capabilities to experiment with new recipes or customize existing ones.This electric bakers oven ‘s flexibility allows for creativity in recipe development, enabling bakeries to differentiate themselves and attract customers with unique offerings.

10.Consistency and Quality:

The combination of precise temperature control, even baking, and efficient airflow results in consistent and high-quality baked goods. This helps build customer loyalty and enhances the bakery’s reputation for excellence.


1.Batch Production:

This electric bakers oven ‘s multiple decks and trays allow for batch production of baked goods. Bakeries can efficiently bake large quantities of products simultaneously, increasing production output and efficiency.

2.Bread Baking:

Suitable for baking different types of bread, including loaves, rolls, baguettes, and specialty bread.This electric bakers oven ‘s even heat distribution ensures consistent baking results across all trays, producing uniform loaves with excellent texture and crust.

3.Pastry and Cake Production:

Ideal for producing a wide range of pastries, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and other confectionery items. The precise temperature control and even baking capabilities ensure consistent results for delicate pastries and cakes.

4.Cookie and Biscuit Making:

Effective for baking large batches of cookies and biscuits. Bakers can utilize all decks and trays to produce various cookie flavors or shapes simultaneously, meeting customer demand for freshly baked treats.

5.Specialty Baking:

Suitable for specialty or artisanal baking, such as gluten-free, vegan, or organic products. This electric bakers oven digital control allows for precise temperature adjustments, catering to specific baking requirements for specialty items.

6.Temperature-Sensitive Baking:

Ideal for baking temperature-sensitive items like meringues, soufflés, or delicate pastries. The digital control ensures accurate temperature settings, preventing over or under-baking and achieving perfect results every time.


Allows bakeries to bake different products simultaneously on separate decks. For example, bread can be baked on one deck while pastries or cookies are baked on another, maximizing production efficiency and versatility.

8.Catering and Event Baking:

Useful for catering businesses or bakeries supplying baked goods for events, parties, or functions. This electric bakers oven ‘s high capacity and efficiency enable bakeries to fulfill large orders or cater to events with varying baking needs.

9.Retail Bakery Operations:

Valuable for retail bakeries looking to offer a wide selection of freshly baked goods to customers. This electric bakers oven ‘s  large capacity and versatility allow bakeries to maintain a diverse product range and meet customer demands throughout the day.

10.Quality Control and Testing:

Used in testing kitchens or food production facilities for recipe development and quality control purposes. Bakeries can test new recipes, formulations, or baking techniques on a small scale before implementing them in larger production runs.

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