Commerical kitchen oven convection electric catering baking equipment,6 trays,380V/50Hz,12kw,knob controller,CE

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This convection electric commerical kitchen oven a power rating of 12kw finds applications in various settings, including bakeries, restaurants, catering businesses, quick-service establishments, and special events. Its versatility, efficiency, and high capacity make it an essential piece of equipment for cooking, baking, and food preparation in commercial kitchen environments.


  • All stainless steel construction,easy clean surface
  • High-efficient,energy-saving and useful
  • Very fast cooking timer
  • Low energy consumtion
  • Low heating generation
  • Low cleaning effort
  • High performance
  • Good insulation at 5 sides
  • Double toughened visual glass for better view and to keep cool to touch


Model Voltage(V) Power(kW) Baking pan size(mm) Dimension(mm)
EB-8F 380-415 12 400x600x6PCS 1000X900X920


  • Stainless steel body
  • Power safty
  • Easy operation switch
  • Adjustable chrome plated legs


1.High Capacity:

With the ability to accommodate six trays, this convection electric commerical kitchen oven provides high baking capacity, allowing for the simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes or large batches of food. This is advantageous in busy commercial kitchens or during peak service hours.

2.Efficient Cooking:

The hot air convection system ensures even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity, resulting in consistent cooking and uniform browning of food items. This helps reduce cooking times and ensures consistent quality across all trays.

3.Quick Heating:

The high power rating of 12kW allows the oven to heat up quickly, reducing preheating time and increasing overall productivity in the kitchen. This is particularly beneficial in fast-paced environments where efficiency is crucial.


The oven’s hot air convection system enables it to be used for a variety of cooking applications, including baking, roasting, grilling, and reheating. This versatility makes it suitable for preparing a wide range of menu items in commercial kitchens.

5.Precision Control:

The knob controller allows for precise adjustment of temperature and cooking settings, giving chefs greater control over the cooking process. This ensures that food is cooked to the desired level of doneness and helps prevent overcooking or undercooking.

6.Space Efficiency:

Despite its high capacity, the tabletop design of the oven makes it compact and space-efficient, allowing it to fit into smaller kitchen spaces or be used as a supplementary oven in larger kitchens.

7.Energy Efficiency:

The efficient hot air convection system helps reduce energy consumption by ensuring that heat is evenly distributed and retained within the oven cavity. This can lead to cost savings on energy bills over time, especially in high-volume kitchens.

8.Ease of Use:

The knob controller offers intuitive operation, making it easy for kitchen staff to adjust settings without the need for extensive training or technical knowledge. This promotes efficiency and reduces the risk of errors during the cooking process.

9.Durability and Reliability:

Commercial kitchen ovens are built to withstand heavy use in demanding environments, making them durable and reliable pieces of equipment. This ensures long-term performance and minimizes the need for frequent maintenance or repairs.

10.Consistent Results:

With its precise temperature control and even heat distribution, the oven consistently delivers high-quality cooking results batch after batch. This helps maintain food quality and customer satisfaction in commercial kitchen operations.



This convection electric commerical kitchen oven can be used for baking a variety of items such as bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, and muffins. Its hot air convection system ensures even baking and consistent results across all trays, making it ideal for bakeries, cafes, and pastry shops.


Utilize the oven for roasting meats, poultry, and vegetables. The hot air convection system helps achieve uniform browning and cooking throughout the food items, resulting in succulent and flavorful dishes. It’s suitable for restaurants, catering businesses, and banquet facilities.

3.Grilling and Broiling:

Some commercial ovens come with grilling or broiling functions, allowing for quick cooking of items such as steaks, fish fillets, burgers, and vegetables. This versatility is useful in restaurants, pubs, and bars for preparing a variety of grilled dishes.

4.Reheating and Holding:

This convection electric commerical kitchen oven can be used to reheat precooked food items quickly and efficiently. It’s also suitable for holding food at a consistent temperature until it’s ready to be served, making it ideal for buffet setups, banquets, and large-scale events.

5.Cooking Specialty Items:

The oven’s versatility allows for the preparation of specialty dishes such as casseroles, lasagnas, quiches, and gratins. Its hot air convection system ensures even cooking and consistent results, making it suitable for restaurants and catering businesses.

6.Batch Cooking:

With the ability to accommodate six trays simultaneously, this convection electric commerical kitchen oven is excellent for batch cooking large quantities of food. This is particularly beneficial during peak hours or when preparing multiple dishes simultaneously in commercial kitchens.

7.Catering and Events:

Use this convection electric commerical kitchen oven for off-site catering events to cook and hold a variety of dishes. Its tabletop design and high capacity make it easy to transport and set up in different locations, making it suitable for weddings, corporate events, and parties.

8.Quick Service Restaurants:

In quick-service restaurants or fast-food establishments, the oven can be used to quickly cook or reheat menu items such as pizzas, sandwiches, or appetizers. Its quick heating capabilities and large capacity support efficient service during busy periods.

9.Special Events and Pop-ups:

This convection electric commerical kitchen oven is suitable for special events, pop-up restaurants, or temporary food stalls where space is limited. Its compact tabletop design and versatility allow for on-site cooking of a variety of menu items to cater to different tastes and preferences.


  • Comfirm the voltage is suitable  for the requirement of the mahine before connect the machine
  • If you want to clean, repair or move the machine, please make the temperature going down to the safe level first
  • Please don’t touch the tank with  hand when this machine is working.
  • The machine can’t be flushed directly, and please be careful don’t let any water flow into the switch when cleaning.
  • Keep the children from touching or using the machine.

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